Vital Anderhub - List of Publications (April 2004)

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An Experimental Analysis of Intertemporal Allocation Behavior, Experimental Economics 3, 2000, 137-152 (with Werner Güth, Wieland Müller, and Martin Strobel).

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An Experimental Study of the Repeated Trust Game with Incomplete Information, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Vol. 46, 2002, 197-216 (with Dirk Engelmann and Werner Güth).

Efficient Contracting and Fair Play in a Simple Principle-Agent Experiment, Experimental Economics 5, 2002, 5-27 (with Simon Gächter and Manfred Königstein).

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Capacity Choices and Price Competition in Experimental Markets, Experimental Economics, 6, 2003, 27-52 (with Werner Güth, Ulrich Kamecke, and Hans-Theo Normann).

Early or Late Conflict Settlement in a Variety of Games –An Experimental Study–, Journal of Economic Psychology, Vol. 25, Issue 2, 2004, 177-194 (with Werner Güth and Nadège Marchand).